Pere Charlevoix Park Civic Garden

112 W. Dixon. Located at the west end of Dixon on Lake Michigan

The Pere Charlevoix Park has been a stopping place for Pere Charlevoix visitors since 1977.  The garden provides a place for all those wishing to enjoy the panoramic views of Lake Michigan and the sunsets in the evening. 

To enjoy the ambiance of the garden, visitors sit on the benches to admire the plantings of the garden.  In the spring, the daffodils are in full bloom and in the summer, the perennials and annuals come alive with Lake Micigan as their background. 

The boulders are estimated to have come from the Canadian Shield areas of Michigan and Canada.  They were gouged out of bedrock and transported by glaciers during the Pleistocene glaciation.  The smaller boulder was given and placed by the Medusa Cement Company and the large boulder was given to Charlevoix County and then placed at the garden by the Swanson Construction Company.

The hillside features a stairway inviting visitors to the beach along the shores of Lake Michigan.

Garden Club members plant and maintain this garden.