Memorial Civic Garden

205 Mercer Street at the end of East Dixon Avenue.

A grand transformation took place at the Charlevoix Area Garden Club's Memorial Garden in the fall of 2008 when the garden was redesigned to create a new boulevard and two islands.  Now, five years later, the garden is evolving into a lush show-stopper as walkers-by stop to view the plants that make up its design. 

On the north end is a Crimson Maple and along the path is a Weigelia surrounded by Russian Sage, Butterfly Weed, and Sunshine Blue Caryopteris.

In the raised center oval, there is Butterfly Bush, Shasta Daisy, Lavender, Goldsturm Rudbeckia, Iris, Daffodil, Sweet Alyssum, Waxy Begonia, and a unique urn with selected annuals. 

Along the southern pathway, there is a Weeping Crabapple.  Surrounding the tree are Asbilbe, Moulin Rouge Knautia, Hollly and Scabious Pincusion flower. 

On the opposite side of the path are hardy Mums and Northern Lights ornamental grass.  Surrounding the center circle are Winter Gem Boxwoods.

In the extreme southern part of the island, there is a dry creek with a Little Leaf Linden tree.  On the opposite side, there is a tree surrounded by Joe Pye.  The enormous rock at te southernmost end is surrounded by Miscanthus ornamental grass.

The garden is located in a quiet neighborhood and is highly visible to all passersby-- joggers, walkers, car drivers and passengers.

The Memorial Garden was established in l975 and was memorial garden 2 july 09included in the city park system in 1978.  It has been maintained by the Garden Club since 1975.

This garden relies on contributions from the public.  Anyone is welcome to make a tribute to a loved one who has passed away.  Memorial contributions made throughout the year help the garden club to plant and care for the garden. To make a contribution, contact Nancy Fowler at 547-9314 or at 409 East Dixon, Charlevoix, MI. 49720.