Depot Heritage Civic Garden

307 Chicago Ave. at Depot Beach

Depot Gates PergolaThe Depot Heritage Garden project began in 2001 and is home to many of the plants that grew in Charlevoix from 1870 to 1930--some of which are direct descendents. The garden, designed by landscape architect Brian Delvin, has four “rooms”.

Entering the garden from the south, you are greeted by restored double black iron gates (circa 1900) with antique Irises, Sweet Woodruff and Geraniums in the fence border. A Black Hills Spruce and Bridal Veil Spirea form a soft background as visitors look through fence and into the garden. As you enter and step onto the historic "Saginaw" brick patio you will see the beginning of a Winter Gem Boxwood hedge that forms the "bones" of the garden--beginning in Room I, winding through the garden and ending in Room IV. Also notice that five large Serviceberry form an arch that mimics the arch on the Depot building. Groups of Annabelle Hydrangea, white Astilbe, Lavender, Autumn Joy Sedum, and Aster are held together with the Myrtle groundcover. 

Leaving Room I, notice that Dwarf Alberta Spruce mark the entrances to each of the garden rooms. In Room II, the border backs up to the wooded landscape and is host to a variety of perennials: Ligularia, Shasta Daisy, Foxglove, Lupine, Iris, Day Lily, Delphinium, Black Eyed Susan, and Hyssop. The annual border in front of the Boxwoods is a colorful rhythmic design of Zinnia, Begonia, Dahlia and Salvia. The flowerbed on the Depot building side of Room II is home to Angelonia, Coral Bell, Bleeding Heart, Campanula, Columbine and Primrose.

Room III is the "historic Peony room” with turn-of-the-century (1900) peonies collected from the Loeb Farm West of Charlevoix. You will enjoy resting on a Lutyen bench, viewing the pink Peony, the historic Depot building and the Lake Charlevoix vista.

In 2005, the Pergola in Room IV was constructed and is a focal point of the garden. The fence was added in 2006. White begonias fill the two beds in the front of the Pergola and Bridal Veil Spirea grows to the rear. Winter Gem Boxwoods give form to this garden room. White Astilbe and a variety of white annuals add to the beauty of this Room. Nineteen Club members maintain these garden rooms.  In 2012 the tall Ash tree was infected with Emerald Ash Borer and was removed.  A Red Sunset Maple was planted as a replacement.