Club Operations

Auditor of Club Books
The Auditor reviews financial statements for reasonableness and unusual items, reviews bank statements, verifies ending account balances, and reviews underlying support for major income and expense items.

Awards/Books of Evidence 
Books of Evidence are prepared and submitted for awards.  Awards are presented by Michigan Garden Clubs, National Garden Clubs-Central Region, and from National Garden Clubs, Inc.   Books of Evidence are prepared by club members and submitted for awards.  Awards earned in the past include: All Around Excellence honoring a club member, Newsletter, Standard Flower Show, Yearbook, Photography, and Historic Garden.

Calendar Vision of Beauty 
Each fall the National Gardens Clubs, Inc. publishes a date calendar book. The club orders them and sells to members who are interested.  The Calendar includes flower design arrangements made by members of garden clubs across the country.  These designs are an inspiration to those aspiring to learn flower design.

Club Yearbook
The book is published in December and distributed to members at the Holiday luncheon. This book contains general information about the club as well as the following year’s programs and a membership directory.

The Second Vice President is the Club Program Director and she/he is responsible for arranging meeting places and assigning hostesses for the year. The director works with other members of the Board and Committee Chairpersons on establishing programs for the monthly meetings.

Contributions and Special Projects 
The purpose of the Contributions Committee is to review requests for special needs and make recommendations to the membership on which projects to support. The Committee meet once or twice a year, after CAGC budgetary needs have been met and they know how much money the club has available to be distributed for special needs. The Committee decides how money is to be divided for these various projects and other community organizations.

This person collects, assembles and preserves photographs, newspaper articles, minutes, newsletters, year-end committee reports and other memorabilia. The collection is organized by year for eventual donation to the Charlevoix Historical Society for their permanent collection.

The membership chairperson works with sponsors of new members in completing the application in accordance with the club bylaws. The Chair welcomes new members with a flower bouquet and a directory. The Chair is responsible for the membership packets, applications and for keeping the count of attendees at monthly meetings. 

Life Members
Each September the Club honors a member(s) with a life membership in the Michigan Garden Clubs, Inc.  Life members are those who consistently support our Club’s ideals and purposes. The interest from the cost of the membership ($100 per person) goes toward scholarships in our Michigan Colleges. The scholarship fund helps students in horticulture, landscaping and conservation fields.

Each month the Club prepares a newsletter to provide information regarding the clubs current activities, upcoming meetings, membership changes and information, state and national garden club projects, and garden tips. The newsletter is intended to provide important information for members without taking unnecessary time during meetings to cover each item.

Members are encouraged to submit ideas, articles, and information for inclusion and to read the newsletter to keep informed. Newsletters are posted on the Club's website.

This committee was established to promote, showcase, and publicize activities of the Club. Responsibilities include writing articles and submitting them to local newspapers, and/or magazines and journals designed to enhance the community’s knowledge, awareness and support of the Club’s pursuits.

Web Site
As you navigate the web site, you will learn about the Garden Club's activities in the community.  We hope you enjoy learning about the gardens and the community projects.